Infatuation is a common subject throughout life. Growing up the infatuations start off small; a school yard crush, researching your favorite animals, ect. Learning all you can about something that may seem just a slightest bit extraterrestrial. But as you grow older and your mind begins to learn more about the world around you the infatuations deepen, they change.

Elias grew from a little boy who would wrap himself in the blankets of fictional love to distract from the cold chills of loneliness he was afraid to have in the years approaching. He began to fall in love with a world he knew nothing about but so desperately wanted to understand. Somewhere that has yet to hurt him but has also yet to validate his existence. A world that might be just like his own but decorated with silver spoons engraved with last names that carry more weight than forklift. A place where family trumps all even if that means sweeping everything under the rug to the point it obscures the vision of the living room. A world that’s separates you from the people around you, they may all share the same air but they are oblivious to each other’s existence. A world that you must be invited into, that is a world he so desperately has been infatuated with, a world of the elite.

Elias spends most of his time devising a blueprint of how to acquire his admission letter.  It must be carefully executed because admittance is conditional when you weren’t brought up spoon-fed. He must enter this new world with the right contextual up bringing and poise to be able to build himself a new but permanent home here. Inserting himself in conversation where he contributes to the flow effortlessly, warranting no discussion of his belonging. So he begins to study; the culture, the divide, the language, the traditions. He needs to know and understand everything from the simple way to cut down a person’s ego with the most mundane but poised words to the vacations he would take in Jackson Hole on the skiing ONLY mountain. He didn’t want to be looked at as the Dan Humphrey of the Upper East Side. He wanted to walk in unison with Blair Waldorf not in opposition. Never to be cast aside for his middle-class past or sexual escapades just as Nick Guest in “The Line of Beauty”. Is he crazy to love a world that doesn’t even know he exists? Will he truly know what love feels like when he immerses himself into this gated new world? And what will Elias do if he gets shut out? And most importantly will he find happiness there?

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