If You Left It Up To Me

When we look at the world and look at the lives we live, an authenticity has been lost. We are in autopilot, pursing mundane tasks and pushing aside the things that fuel our fire. In other words, growing up SUCKS, and in the process, most of us have forgotten how to dream. How sad is it to think that the little girl with fringe bangs and a pink tutu gave up what truly made her happy. That little boy with thick brimmed glasses now sits behind a desk as opposed to chasing clouds like he had hoped to do one day. That, at the age of 10, I would leave notes under my mother’s pillow begging her to spend the summer in Los Angeles, sending me to acting auditions to now have traded in that dream for something more sustainable and practical.

We traded in these dreams for what? To afford to eat, sleep and reside in a decent living environment? But are we truly LIVING? Have we all given up our subconscious goals, or what some would deem “juvenile,” because society has pressured us into choosing a life more comfortable?

Live, Lived, and Living by definition according to Webster Dictionary is:

-To be alive; to have a life rich of experience

Are any of us really fulfilling this definition?

If You Left It Up To Me…

–       Your hopes and dreams would never pass like two ships in the night, but rather blend together with reality to provide realistic happiness

–       No one would have to starve for anything, literally and figuratively

–      No one would ever hurt another

–      No one would ever have to miss another

–      No one would ever miss out on another…opportunity *winks* (it’s a pun, get it…)

–     That one summer with the perfect temperature, the perfect boy (who happened to like you back), the perfect stories to be told for a lifetime would never end but rather continue on If You Left It Up To Me…

Today you will make the change and go get what you want; better yet, what you DESERVE!

…or like stay in bed.

…like do whatever you want.

…like I’m not here to tell you what you have to do.

…If You Left It Up To Me, you’d do whatever the f**k you want.



3 thoughts on “If You Left It Up To Me

  1. -To be alive; to have a life rich of experience

    Are any of us really fulfilling this definition?

    Yes, and no. On the one hand my life is an alchemical adventure. Filled with passion, lust, creation, destruction, birth, death, ecstasies, agonies triumphs and defeats. On the other hand I’m still so much on autopilot that I’m barely able to pay attention to what’s going on in the present moment. But I’m learning. How to turn my attention away from the chatter and to the life I’m living. Its a monumental undertaking of breathtaking simplicity. I’m learning. And oh it feels SO good.


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