Disappointment happens every day. The thing about disappointment is it changes you every time it occurs. It makes you revaluate some of the things going on concurrently in your life. Are you even meant for the thing you failed at? Are you strong enough to make it through? Is this another bump in the road or where your path splits? It’s a scary thing but you get used to it the more and more it happens. The choice to continue on the path you traveled so many times may now seem darker, the path you haven’t gone down before may seem stretched out and deserted but bright with light, a different kind of scary. Disappointment changes you but when it happens enough it begins to not just shape you but to break you. The first couple times you are hit it might be harder to stand but it improves your balance and resilience, but every time after that its making you weaker till you fall down like a child’s game of Jenga. The pieces scatter across the floor and it might take a lifetime to get them all back and ready to build up again.

If you do bounce back from this to actually be standing; you’re not whole. You couldn’t find every piece. You are but a Frankenstein creature, not what you used to be but still recognizable. What you have found though is the strength to continue.

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