The Millennial Witch

Kneeling down, shag covering her knees, Portia pulled out what appeared to be an old hat box. The contents of which could alter someone’s life and soon would.

Under the power and fear of a pestle wielded by Portia Wicca, were the buds of roses, nibs of cocoa and the nectar of a honeysuckle grind into the mortar. Once combined with fresh tears from whom wished to be betrothed, the ingredients would ferment into a elixir strong enough to sway human emotion. Portia recited “Drink these roses, tears, nibs and nectar and you will love me from now until forever!” Slowly the elixir was poured into a small corked bottle ready for delivery. Portia looked at the small bottle as her way to obtain happiness. But would Calvin find it as innocent if he knew the intention behind his newfound feelings? Placed into the mini fridge in her college dorm single was her new relationship, the new love she soon would experience. To prepare for her deception in the day ahead, Portia laid across her comforter, eyes closed, mind turned off, charcoal sheet mask marinating. The millennial witch strikes at sunrise.

2 thoughts on “The Millennial Witch

  1. Im loving reading all these short stories! I really want to get into writing like this too. You’re so creative!
    Keep it up. 🙂 👏🔥💕

    Liked by 1 person

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