Worthy Of Being King?

Falling in love is hard. That’s why, when you’ve found a love that brings you joy and lifts you up, it is so hard to let it go. Even when that very same love has started to alter and becomes someone you would have never fallen for to begin with. A shared history, a familiar touch or private inside joke, causes you to look past the fact that they aren’t who you would have ever imagined for yourself. You’ve now become a creature of habit, forced to repeat the same pattern like an addict. Both are doomed until you’ve been hurt enough to change or be brought to the grave by this adopted deadly habit.

So how do we change our fate? How do we turn our back on someone who has once given us so much joy? Someone who has struggled to prove himself or herself but can only be granted so many second chances? My last question is this: if you know you’ll always have a place on the throne, why would you ever try to be worthy of being King?

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