In The Dark You Find Yourself

In the dark, you can learn a lot. A lot about yourself, about others, about the world around you; you can learn a lot if you just take a step back and examine the small things in your everyday life. Collin knew this. He would spend many nights tucked in his attic hideaway, examining the people around him through social media;Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, followed by whichever app was newly released. Too afraid to step out and actually experience anything of substance until he ran across a boy on Instagram. A boy so free-spirited it made him nauseated to the point he had to step away from the computer. Three steps backward Colin took towards the center of the room, waving his arms behind him until he tripped over his own fear.

Lying on the cold wood-paneled floor his mind still couldn’t stop drifting to this free-spirited boy who cared so little but knew so much; about life, about people, about SUBSTANCE. At least that’s what Collin thought of Edgar Gray, if that was even his real name and not an online alias. The thing so intriguing about Edgar Gray was not social media blurbs, but the Vines and the Instagram pictures and the Tumblr posts that show you who he is and what he knows. Edgar is a boy who cliff dove 53 weeks ago. A boy who isn’t afraid to show his sexual preference for other boys 5 days ago. A boy who wears daring outfits that make you think you know what is trendy 2 weeks ago, only to challenge that 22 hours ago with a new bold look. A boy who knows who he is and isn’t afraid to let the world know, everyday, post by post.

Colin wishes he could be 3 percent the individual that Edgar was. And on that day, after seeing how open someone could be via tweets about their personal life, Collin took his first step into being that 3 percent. Collin turned off the computer and started living.

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